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What we do

Yellow Investment gives you the chance to acquire an Athens Taxi licence, whether you have a vehicle or not, whilst being responsible for its management. In effect, you become the manager of a constantly growing business which gives you a stable monthly income sparing you the anxiety, time and trouble.

How we do it

We undertake the entire process of transferring the taxi and/or its licence to your name and put in into circulation. In turn, we rent it out to professional drivers and give you the agreed monthly rent we have agreed on until you decide to resell it.

Capital & Returns

A clear profit is achieved on your part as, we as a business, take on all the fixed costs, possible losses, tax and insurance contributions. However, if you wish to dynamically enter the industry by purchasing numerous taxi licenses, we again, are here to assist you.

Ending the partnership

As successful as this business venture may be, there may come a day when you wish to retire or merely leave the partnership due to personal reasons. Yellow Investment has a very direct and clear exit plan. Once the minimum time period of the contract has passed, one which has been agreed by both parties, you can sell part or all of your property. Your personal presence is not necessary once again as we will undertake the whole process of selling and we will then transfer the money to you in the way you prefer.

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Are you a taxi owner?

The time has come for you to wave goodbye to the stress and the time you consume for managing your taxi.

We will handle the management of your property responsibly and professionally.  We exclusively deal with the management of taxi licenses and only have your best interest in hand.

Why choose us?

We are the only ones in this business who can ensure a steady, legal income. We at Yellow Investment choose our drivers very carefully and have strict requirements regarding their credibility. In addition, we listen to your concerns and problems and find a solution to all. These are some of the qualities that make us so unique.

Contact us on 2108310011 and arrange a meeting and allow us to present to you all those qualities that differentiate us from our competition.

It is our duty to inform you that we may not be held liable for any changes in the prices of taxi licences. A possible reduction or increase is solely determined by the laws of demand and supply which depend in turn on the Greek Economy. Therefore, you can only be responsible for choosing the period to buy or sell. Furthermore, in times where demand exceeds supply, the availability of taxi licenses is limited.
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