A trusted partner next to you, since 1998.

We, at Katsadonis Ltd offer professional advice and assistance in the taxi field. We aim to provide daily taxi services and solutions for both the professional driver and the private driver.  Always ready to cover each and every  of our customers’ needs, we can handle anything from the sale of a professional licence to the purchase of a vehicle.

Having experience in the field since 1998 has resulted in us gaining a deep knowledge of the particular market. Therefore, Katsadonis can support  the professional driver offering clear and meaningful solutions.

Our aim is to provide you with a trustworthy partner who will be able to support you in every professional step you take by offering complete car services. We at Katsadonis can advise you about the issuing of taxi licences,we can take on the management of your vehicle and its licence, we can make sure you are properly and legally insured according to your own personal needs and even assist you in finding and ordering a vehicle that best suits your needs.

With a large network of partners, we are always prepared to offer the best of services to both the professional and the private driver.

Our daily reward is the trust our customers show in us and this is exactly what helps us become even better and more committed to building longlasting professional relationships.

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